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Anaharsis about a society with market economy:


A market is a place that is specially designed

 for people could swindle and rob each other


(Anaharsis - one of seven sages of Ancient Greece, 6 B.C., the prince of  Scythia,  a traveler and philosopher. His name is a symbol of mutual exchange of knowledge and experience between Scythians who lived on the territory of modern Ukraine, Belarus and Russia and ancient Greeks  - the bearers of leading European science and culture of  those times).



The  Expert  Club "Anaharsis"  is  an  informal community of citizens who work in different spheres of science and engineering, education and health protection, economy and finances, law-making, state power and management, as well as of politicians, social activists who agree with the fact that Ukraine, other states and the mankind as a whole face the challenges which demand an interdisciplinary approach to analyze their character, causes and possible consequences, as well as an international cooperation in exchange of knowledge and experience.


The members of the Club agree in opinion that any social-economic structure has its limits of the upgrowth. That is why perspectives of further development of the mankind are connected with a response: to what extent a choice of a model of transformation of society and its relations with the environment will turn out to be adequate to the challenges of the present. A delay with or a mistake in this choice may result in the mankind return back in times of a barbarism or will question its survival at all.


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